What is a Decision Support System (DSS)?

  • A well-designed Decision Support System should include all of the information necessary in order to make accurate decisions.
  • A specific class of computerized information system that supports organizational decision-making activities.
  • An interactive software-based system intended to help decision-makers compile useful information from raw data, documents, expertise knowledge, and/or scientific models to identify and solve problems and make decisions

How will it be used in this project?

  • Develop a model-based decision-support tool that incorporates the socio-economic data on human-mediated spread of invasive pests and epidemiological and genomic data to help reduce the uncertainty with regard to invasion outcomes and related economic consequences.
  • Our DSS will help inform FIAS management decisions of end users such as CFIA, NRCan, FPInnovations, provincial departments of natural resources, and international authorities.
  • A robust DSS requires accurate estimates of risk, impact, and the financial costs of an invasion.
  • The DSS will integrate findings from the genomic activities, CFIA’s pest risk assessment data, as well as related social, economic and ecological information to select the appropriate risk management approaches.
  • The DSS will be developed using a modular approach which ensures a flexible, adaptable framework into which data components can be added as they are developed.
  • The DSS will be able to calculate the potential habitat of target pests using the machine-learning algorithm of the MaxEnt model and will incorporate alternative models.